Huron-Kinloss and South Bruce still being studied as DGR host

Paul Austin - Relationship Manager, Nuclear Waste Management Organization (photo by Bob Montgomery)

There is still strong local interest in the process to select a “willing host” community for a Deep Geologic Repository for the storage of nuclear fuel.

Paul Austin of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization said they started the search in 2010 with 22 communities expressing an interest. That search has now been narrowed down to five, including South Bruce and Huron Kinloss.

Austin said a host community must be informed about the project and confident in its safety, but also believe that the implementation of the project will benefit their community.

“Certainly safety is principle consideration in all decision-making, but beyond that, what might be the effect on the culture, the economy, the spirituality and the soft and hard infrastructures in the community,” he said. “What might the impacts and opportunities on all of those different dimensions be.”

Austin added they have until 2042 to find a willing host.

“We can’t impose this project on any community, but we also have to think about the future generation. Nuclear fuel exists, it remains a potentially hazardous material for extremely long time frames,” said Austin.