Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team group ready to present to the Ministry of Health

The Hanover Hospital is located on the west side of Hanover. ( stock photo by Brent Tremble)

Hanover Council was briefed on the ongoing development of the Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team this week.

Dana Howe, the president and CEO of Hanover and District Hospital and Co-Chair of the Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team Committee, said December 4 is when they’re going to present their readiness assessment to the Ministry of Health. She said the presentation is essentially letting the government know they’re ready to move to the next step of becoming an Ontario Health Team.

“Just letting them know that Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team is prepared to move forward with an initiative that will improve patient care and outcomes for the people we serve,” she said.

Howe said they will be put into one of three categories after that presentation based on how prepared the Ministry believes them to be. She notes the categories they could be put in are ready for full application, in development, or in discovery.

“With respect to in development and in discovery, we would have more work to do on the readiness assessment, to demonstrate that we are ready to move forward with the full application,” said Howe.

In terms of the year one focus for the Grey-Bruce Ontario Health Team, Howe said it would be frail seniors and mental health and addictions. She also noted that a website for the health team will be up and running very soon.