OMPF funding to Huron County reduced again

Michael Blumhagen - Huron County Treasurer (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County’s funding under the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund is being reduced again next year.

County Treasurer Michael Blumhagen said the county has been receiving what is called Transitional Assistance Funding, and that is being reduced.

“We’re once again seen a decrease of 220,000, so we’re receiving approximately 1.25 million for 2020,” he said. “For the county, it’s being phased out,  so over the next couple of years that will probably be phased down to zero. We’re just not eligible for the core grants of the OMPF.”

Blumhagen adds, what is a surprise is the reduction across the province.

The funding allocation for OMPF across the province was reduced by $5 million. So that was a bit of a surprise when it was previously announced that the allocation amount would remain the same, but we’re seeing it decrease from $505 million to $500 million,” he said.

Blumhagen said he expects funding from the province to the county will continue to be phased down to zero over the next few years.