North Perth Community Hospice updates council on service model

The North Perth Community Hospice gave North Perth council an overview of its services at Monday night’s council meeting.

Executive Director Kourtney Richardson said there are many misconceptions regarding the services they provide, including that people often think of the final days of someone’s life when a hospice is mentioned.  She also said they want to be involved earlier in the process than someone’s final stages of illness.

“We support in the community in individual’s homes, long-term care, retirement homes, hospitals, and really a community setting versus that residential setting,” she said.

Richardson said they offer two key streams of service throughout the community. Those two services are palliative supports and grief supports, and she says palliative is much more of a preparation and navigation of someone’s life-limiting illness, while grief support is something else entirely.

“There’s a lot that’s misinterpreted with grief itself, that it should look like this, or feel like this, or that it should last this long,” she siad. “Really, none of those societal expectations that are out there for grief exist.”

Richardson said because of that, their service is built around supporting people through grief after losing a loved one and helping people navigate that loss is not on any time limit, because everyone handles grief differently.

She added they could not operate without fundraising and donation help from the community, which contributes to over 60 per cent of their annual budget.