Upgraded cross walk coming to busy local downtown

A look at downtown Listowel,right near where a new upgraded cross walk will be installed at Main and Argyle. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

North Perth will soon be adding an upgraded crosswalk on the main street in Listowel.

Manager of Operations Lyndon Kowch said the installation will be delayed until spring because the Ministry of Transportation had some concerns that the crosswalk was on a connecting link section of roadway near a traffic signal.

“They wanted to see that the municipality would endorse the crossing and have it in their by-laws and that we would be able to produce that by-law for them. In fact, tonight that’s what we did, we passed a by-law that stated the type of pedestrian cross-over that it is,” said Kowch.

The new crosswalk will be on Main Street where it meets Argyle Avenue, and will be the exact same blinking signal crosswalk that is already on Main at Wellington Street. Kowch said the MTO should get back to them by mid-winter with construction ready to begin in the spring.

“The crosswalk that’s there now has bump-outs and has some indicators that there is a crosswalk. We’ll enhance those, they’ll look exactly like the one at Nichol and at Wellington Street here in Listowel,” said¬†Kowch.