CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon kicks off Saturday morning

The calm before the storm; The CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon studio all set up before the 2019 edition of the annual local hospital foundation fundraiser. October 17th, 2019 (Photo by Ryan Drury)

The annual CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon is ready for Saturday, and Radiothon Chair Dale Franklin says the day is always exciting.

The radiothon is back up to 10 foundations this year, and Franklin said the planning for the event starts well before the annual air date.

“We start planning several months in advance and we look forward to lots of promotion on the radio,” she said. “We’re so grateful for CKNX and our radio partners in Wingham. So we’ve been getting ready for a while and we’re looking forward to hearing from our donors.”

Franklin said that events like the radiothon are so important because it helps local hospitals buy crucial new equipment and deliver the best local healthcare possible. She added it’s great to have the radiothon involve 10 different organizations once again for this year.

“We’re always happy to have people join us and having Walkerton and Hanover back with us sharing in our media coverage and in the planning and preparation has been wonderful,” said¬†Franklin. “So we’re back up to 10 foundations and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Franklin said the government typically handles most of the brick-and-mortar costs of hospitals, and most of the equipment and upgrade funding comes from local fundraising efforts like the radiothon. She said that’s always been very successful at local hospitals like Palmerston where she works from.

The CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon runs Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

You can call in toll-free at 1-877-227-3486, or text HERO followed by the town of the hospital you want to donate towards (for instance, HERO CLINTON) to 41010 to make a $10 donation, which you can do up to three times.