Brockton council approves property donation for new hospice

Brockton Council is joined by members and staff of Residential Hospice of Grey-Bruce Inc. and Chapman House in Owen Sound to accept a cheque representing the value of donated serviced land for a new residential hospice in Walkerton. September 24th, 2019 (Photo by Ryan Drury)

Brockton Council has officially approved a property commitment for a new residential hospice project.

The new hospice will be in Walkerton in the southwest corner of the East Ridge Business Park.

Residential Hospice of Grey-Bruce Inc. Chairman of the Board Paul Rowcliffe said the announcement is a big moment for Brockton and the entire region.

“This is going to be an absolutely wonderful experience, and a real opportunity for family, friends and neighbours in the southern region here to have the opportunity to experience a meaningful and graceful death in a family,” he said.

The serviced land that Brockton donated is worth approximately $280,000 and covers 3.5 acres.

The board will move forward with getting a design ready for the building and begin planning the fundraising. The hospice will have six operational rooms and a transition room, all on one floor, similar to the Chapman House set-up in Owen Sound. The project could take anywhere from two to four years to get shovels in the ground.

Executive Director Alex Hector said the next step is preparing a financial plan with their fundraising committee.

“Definitely an offical launch and unveiling, and signs on the site and all that is yet to come. But we want to get our ducks in a line and have a good fact base to work from before we go, because if we make a mistake, it’s hard to get forgiven, so we want to do it right.”

Paul Rowcliffe, left, the Chairman of the Board for Residential Hospice of Grey-Bruce Inc. and their Executive Director Alex Hector. (Photo by Ryan Drury)