North Perth Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Retention report

( file photo)

The Mayor’s Task Force on Youth Retention presented its final report to North Perth Council this week.

Jeremy Reid, who led the presentation, says the task force was looking at issues and ways of improving youth retention in the municipality.   Reid said one solution could be the development of a local trade school.

“One thing that we’ve been lucky with is the municipality is currently exploring the option for a trade school within North Perth borders, which I think would be beneficial considering the possibilities that are already available to our local youth at the high school, LDSS,” he said.

Another big stumbling block for young people returning is housing and lack of affordability, which Reid said can make many feel left out.

“One, it’s demoralizing, and two, it doesn’t make them feel like they’re part of the community, that they can fit in,” he said. “Especially when a lot of them are coming back from bigger centres at the age where they want their own housing, they want to be independent.”