Mayor’s Task Force on Mental Health Services and Solutions presents final report

North Perth Council has heard the final report from the Mayor’s Task Force on Mental Health Services and Solutions.

The task force was put together to look at what needed to change and improve in North Perth in regards to mental health services, and Amy Weber, one of the task force members, said it was important to go out into the community to find answers.

“Our mandate was to provide recommendations on how things could be improved within our town. In order to do this, we interviewed many different resources and community members and got their feedback,” she said.

Fellow task force member Emily Kaye said in terms of connecting with youth and schools, it’s all about ease of access.

“I think we want to make sure that the information is accessible, and that it gets out to you,” said Kaye. “Right now, things are out there on paper posters and that’s not where kids are looking. So we want to make sure that we hit social media and the internet.”

Weber said one key solution they landed on was developing a stand-alone North Perth Mental Health website, with more available for youth who prefer other avenues.

“If youth don’t want to type in www. kind of thing, we want to implement social media channels, as well, like Instagram and Facebook. We’re really inspired by the model of Minto Mental Health because they have all of that available as well,” said Weber.

The task force also suggested hiring a part-time staffer to maintain and update the website, which would be separate from the municipal site. Council is now considering the recommendations. Weber and Kaye were joined by Lindsey White from the task force for the presentation to council, which was overseen by Councillor Dave Johnston.