Huron-Perth Trappers Association host successful show

Huron-Perth Trappers Association show at the Memorial Arena in Goderich (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Ontario Fur Managers Federation marked its 25th anniversary with a show at the Memorial Arena in Goderich.

The Huron-Perth Trappers Association was established in 1945 and is the oldest trappers association in the province and a member of the Ontario Federation.

“The OFMF has about 6,000 to 6,500 members in Ontario,” said¬†Huron-Perth President Matt Duncan. “About 95 to 98 per cent of all of trappers in Ontario are members of the Ontario Fur Managers Federation. That covers the whole province and that’s who you see here at the annual convention.”

He said the fur industry is one of the backbone industries that started this country.

“The first Europeans came here for fur and we’re quite proud as trappers today that we have more fur-bearing wildlife now than when the first explorers came here to exploit the resource, through careful management and good practices on the trapper’s part,” said Duncan.

Duncan said it’s difficult today to make a living from trapping,¬† but it does supplement incomes all over Ontario. There are also economic benefits to the community by reducing disease and over-population and threats to farm animals.