Online survey on future of Goderich Memorial Arena

Goderich Memorial Arena (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Residents of Goderich and surrounding areas are being invited to share their views on the future of the town’s Memorial Arena.

Mayor John Grace said a survey has been attached to the town’s website that allows people to make recommendations. Grace added this is just one step in the process but it was felt a survey would be one way to gather public opinion.

“What it does is allow people to make comments on what they see the Memorial Arena to be for the future. My concern is that it is our only large place of public assembly. So without it, we lose that opportunity,” he said.

Mayor Grace said the next largest place is the Knights of Columbus Hall. He also said everything is still on the table and the survey is just another step in the process.

“We’re going to be having debates at town council and the public is going to be very much engaged in the process,” he said. “This isn’t a single-vote process. We need to be careful about how we do this and make sure the community is well informed and engaged in the result.”

The survey can be found in the “news” section under the town hall services link on the Town of Goderich website.