Guelph People’s Party of Canada event not going ahead due to ‘safety concerns’

A picture that was circulating on a Facebook page operated by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Guelph

A People’s Party of Canada event featuring leader Maxime Bernier scheduled for next week in Guelph had its original booking cancelled due to safety concerns over a planned “anti-fascist rally” that was planned to take place outside of the gathering.

A graphic image advertising the rally was posted by a group called the “Revolutionary Communist Party of Guelph” on Facebook depicted a knife stabbing a swastika that had text stating “Bernier and his racist goons are enemies of working-class people”.

Local PPC candidate Mark Paralovos said the language and imagery used in the post is concerning for the safety of the members of his community who are planning to attend the event.  He added that he has contacted the police.

It is not clear if Bernier is still coming to Guelph.