New technology helps Bruce Power boost output

Bruce Power - Unit 3

New Technology has allowed Bruce Power to raise the site’s overall peak output to 6,430 megawatts.

The innovative technology investment projects were part of the recently completed Unit 3 planned outage.

The additional 22 megawatts provides enough clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to power approximately 22,000 homes.

The higher output can help during periods of high demand, which are ramping up with warmer summer temperatures.

“By safely and reliably producing more than 30 per cent of the province’s power with zero carbon emissions, Ontario has become the example other jurisdictions in North America look to for guidance and Bruce Power is proud of the role it plays in keeping Ontario’s air clean,” said Bruce Power President and Chief Executive Officer Mike Rencheck. “We thank our engineers, technicians and operators for their creativity, attention to detail and innovation in achieving this advancement and powering Ontario’s future.”

He added Bruce Power units also provide needed flexibility to the system through dynamic response capability, which is initiated when demand changes throughout the day or seasonally

The additional output was achieved through technology advancements on the non-nuclear side, including a generator-stator improvement project that was integral to the increase.