Loretta Higgins – Huron County Queen of the Furrow, 2018 - 2019 (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County’s Queen of the Furrow enjoying her role

Huron County’s reigning Queen of the Furrow will hold the title for a few more months.

Loretta Higgins lives near Belgrave, in Morris-Turnberry and she said being Queen of the Furrow has given her a number of opportunities.

“With Queen of the Furrow I travel to a lot of different areas, so I can see how, like, even our rural areas are different than, maybe Perth County’s rural areas. We went to Barrie for a conference, so I can see how Barrie’s different, even from where I live and there’s a lot of differences,” she said. “I meet new people, I gain a lot of new skills, I have more new experiences. I get to do a lot of firsts, like the first time being in this courthouse, first time I went to a Threshers this year, first time I went to the Howick Fair. So just a lot of different things I never would have thought to do before being Queen of the Furrow.”

Higgins will pass on her title to a new Huron County Queen of the Furrow at the end of August and then compete for the Ontario Queen of the Furrow in September.

Also in September, she’ll start her third year at the University of Guelph.