Emergency services cuts in Huron less severe

Jeff Horseman – Chief of Emergency Services, Huron County (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron County’s chief of emergency services doesn’t believe funding cuts to Huron County will have the same impact they’re having in other parts of the province.

Jeff Horseman told county council Wednesday that the funding reduction to Huron is smaller.

“Our freeze is going to cap out at about a $65,000 shortfall in revenue received from the province for this year. We are looking for efficiencies within the budget right now and we don’t expect that it’s going to affect frontline service,” he said.

Horseman explained there were a couple of reasons for the smaller cut to Huron County.

“In Huron County, we haven’t had an increase in front line staffing complements since 2015, although our call volume is increasing at roughly the same percentage as the rest of the province. Our capacity without current staffing level allows for a bit of increase,” he said.

Horseman also said Huron County actually gave some money back to the province

“The other point was in 2018 our expenditures did not reach the level that we budgeted for and therefore the province did recuperate some of their revenue that they gave to us in that year,” he added.

Horseman added he’s not expecting an increase next year, but he has been told funding will not decrease next year.