WesForYouth officially purchase building

WES for Youth Online (Logo courtesy of http://www.wesforyouthonline.ca)

WesForYouthOnline got some exciting news Tuesday night, as Brockton Council officially approved its purchase of the building that the group calls home in Walkerton.

WesForYouth had been leasing the building from the municipality, but group members have finally made it their own after an official land transfer agreement.

Jenn Mulcaster, the executive director for WesForYouth, said they’re very excited to purchase their space at 4 Park St. in Walkerton.

“We had always hoped that we would be able to purchase the building, and now that we’re able to move forward with that it’s pretty much a dream for the Cameron family and for the board, and ourselves here as staff,” she said.

Mulcaster said they can now focus on continuing to upgrade the building now that the building is solely theirs.

“It also gives us the opportunity to have more of a community space, and we will be looking for grants in the next coming months to hopefully turn our resource room in the back of the building into a more community-friendly space to use,” she said.

The support of Brockton Council and the community has been amazing, Mulcaster said, and she noted that among many helpful events, one last year made a huge difference.

“We would not be able to purchase this building without the help of our 2018 community fundraiser which helped us raise $200,000. We’re really excited and we can not be more thankful to the community and surrounding areas,” she said.