Huron-Bruce MPP targeted by teacher’s unions in postcard campaign

The top half of postcards appearing in mailboxes of Huron-Bruce residents (Photo by Adam Bell)

Postcards targeting Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson’s proposed education policies have started appearing in residents’ mailboxes.

The cards have the Ontario education minister’s picture on the front, with lettering saying, “Our MPP Lisa Thompson is hurting Ontario’s Future. Tell her to stop”, and includes her email address and telephone number.

On the back is a list of changes the Ford government is making, including larger class sizes starting in Grade 4.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association announced last week they would be sending postcards to every household in several Ontario ridings condemning the government’s controversial education reforms.

The unions plan to keep mailing the cards until the next provincial election if the government refuses to change course.