The town entrance sign in Monkton. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

Public park getting a historical name change

A local North Perth park has changed names.

The Elma Logan Park in Monkton is now known as Confederations Park

North Perth Interim Recreation Director Amy Gangl said the Monkton Lions came to council with the request to change the park name.

“There is some history to that, and we’re going to hold that and let the Lions be able to share that. There will be a historical plaque placed there as well as the renaming of that park,” she said.

Gangl said the park was originally known as Confederations Park, and the name later changed, but the Lions felt it was fitting to bring the old name back. She noted that council and the rec department were totally on board.

“It’s great to be able to bring back some history, it’s always great to be proud of our community, and when we actually bring that back to names of our parks, that just makes us even more proud,” she said.

Gangl said when the commemorative plaque is put in place at the park, the public will be notified by the municipality via their social media and website.