Early Literacy Network to include grandparents

(© Can Stock Photo / SergeyNivens)

The Huron and Perth Early Literacy Network is expanding its program.

Mary Louise Laberge, the pre-school speech and language coordinator, said their goal when they started the program in 2014 was to make sure every baby born in Huron or Perth counties had access to books. So they created the “Read to Baby Book Bundle”, which they give to every new mother as they leave the hospital.

“We average 1,300 births in Huron and Perth counties every year, and we started this on Labour Day, quite ironically in 2014, so in the time that we’ve been providing the Read to Baby Book Bundles, we’ve given out roughly 6,000 packages,” said Laberge.

But there’s another group of caregivers who may not have books for young people. That group is grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren at a time when they might have given all of their baby books away.

“We decided to partner with the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society and put together a special ‘Read to Baby Book Bundle’ that has upwards of four different books,” said Laberge.

Laberge said the cost for each bundle is about $10 and much of their fund-raising is done through the Huron Perth Foundation for Education.

People can get more information about the program by going to the Foundation for Education website.