Explore the Bruce program ending after this year

The final year of the Explore the Bruce Adventure Passport will focus on food establishments. Manager of Economic Development at Bruce County, Jill Roote says that many participants will find “hidden gems” within the county.

Roote says that in the past, the program has had an average of 3,000 passports completed and submitted. Although the program has been valuable in the past, Roote says that the program needs to be revamped to become more modern.

“The county believes it’s time to kind of create a new adventure for people to do. Or to take the resources that we used to do the adventure passport and create a program that is more meaningful for today’s traveler,” said Roote.

Bruce County plans on launching a new program, but no firm details are currently in place. May 1st marks the kick-off for the last Explore the Bruce Passport Adventure.

“I know that there’s a big loyal following. We know that there’s going to be some disappointment but we hope that they understand that it has been a great program but it’s just time for change.”