No firm interest in local municipality in developing county wide police force

A directive for Brockton’s Mayor and staff to investigate a joint county wide police force with Bruce County has been put on hold for now.

Mayor Chris Peabody says a similar motion was defeated two weeks ago, but there are members of council who want it to be looked at, and the Mayor agrees it’s worth maybe talking about.

“I think it’s worth discussing at the county level, but at the same time we are in a negotiation with the OPP and I don’t want to taint the negotiation process.”

The Mayor says it’s maybe worth looking at but it not something they necessarily really want. He notes an advantage might be lower costs for covering a whole area like Bruce County, but he says the disadvantages would be hard to overcome.

“Small communities are having trouble affording their own police forces. We look at Wingham, they had that terrible debate there about the Wingham Police which was very divisive, and the small communities in Grey-Bruce that have their own, they cost in the neighbourhood of $700 per household.”

Mayor Peabody says OPP is around 400 dollars a household, making the overall yearly budgeting astronomically cheaper, so for now, there’s no hard interest in investigating a Bruce-wide police force.