Future of Paisley Inn closer to being resolved

Steve Hammell, mayor elect of Arran-Elderslie in 2018. (Picture courtesy of Steve Hammell's campaign page on Facebook)

The future of the Paisley Inn is potentially getting closer to being resolved.

Arran-Elderslie Council received a report on the building’s condition recently, and Mayor Steve Hammell said the signs aren’t great.

“The report was very concerning. The report showed us pictures of the inn. Holes in the roof, missing windows, water in the basement. Holes in the floor. Lots of rot,” said¬†Hammell.

Council received a request at the January 14 meeting to begin a process of removing the heritage tag on the Inn for purposes of demolition. Hammell said that council was quick to support it.

“Council was supportive of that based on what they had seen in the report. Now it’s with staff and heritage over the coming weeks if not months, to determine what to do with the heritage designation, along with monitoring the condition of the inn,” he said.

The request was made by Young Development Corporation of Waterloo, which is rumoured to have plans to possibly build living units on the site. Hammell said their building official could order the building demolished without removal of the heritage tag if the building further deteriorates to an even more dangerous state.