Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody ( stock photo)

Public meetings announced for upcoming budget sessions in Brockton

On Tuesday night, Brockton Council announced that there will be four public meetings set up for residents to come and learn about the upcoming budget for 2019.

Mayor Chris Peabody says due to some changes this year, the budget process will be a bit slower this time around.

“We haven’t had any preliminary discussions, the budget’s delayed this year, we had some staffing changes so that will impact the long-term budget projections with our director of operations leaving so we had to delay things a little bit,” he said.

The mayor also noted that there have been a number of changes to council itself, so new councillors will be learning the ropes of the budget process, which will also cause a slight delay. The four public meeting will be on February 20 and 21, and March 6 and 7 at the Walkerton Clean Water Centre form 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

While no preliminary talks have happened, Mayor Peabody said he is aware of a few capital projects that will need to be addressed, with one, in particular, being top of mind.

“New equipment for our roads department because we can’t have that outdated because that’s really our core service that people demand,” he said. “They want good roads and they want the roads plowed.”