Bruce Power begins municipal and county council information tour

(Bruce Power photo)

Bruce Power representatives are doing a municipal and county council tour to update councils on what some of their goals are for the new year and beyond.

James Scongack, Bruce Power’s vice president of executive affairs, paid Brockton a visit on Monday night, and says Bruce Power’s continued production of medical products will be a major focus.

“You’re going to see us talk a lot about our role in healthcare because it’s important, and frankly it’s a role that Canada has played historically over 50 years. We’ve been a major leader around the world as a country in the production of medical isotopes, research into isotopes, new treatments, and we’re a part of that,” said Scongack.

Scongack drew special attention to the health care initiatives at Bruce Power, as they continue to supply medical grade isotopes, as well as harvest cobalt for special use in treating brain tumours.

“There’s a technology called the gamma knife where they use basically a radio-beam therapy instead of a physical incision in a patient and it has a higher, and in many cases better outcome for patients,” he said.

Scongack said while the use of the gamma knife technology is growing, the isotopes and cobalt required was disappearing, and Bruce Power will continue to ensure that they keep supplying as much as they can.  He also said on top of the medical and healthcare focus, Bruce Power will continue preparations for a massive project.

“A big focus for us in 2019 is getting ready for our first major component replacement and refurbishment on Unit 6 which starts January 1, 2020,” said Scongack. “So we’re mobilizing to get ready for that. We’re going to deliver the project on time and on budget, to a high degree of quality and most importantly safely.”

The refurbishment project will be a huge undertaking,  but the benefits to the community and Bruce Power itself will be huge as well, Scongack said.