Safe needle drop boxes coming to Listowel

North Perth will now be hosting safe needle drop off boxes.

CAO Kris Snell said it’s part of a new Community Sharps Dropbox initiative.

“So we are in partnership with the Perth District Health Unit on the installation of two Community Sharps Drop Box program boxes in North Perth in the Listowel area. One will be located at the former PUC office, and one will be located at the Listowel Memorial Arena,” said Snell.

Snell said the Perth District Health Unit will assume all the costs of installing the boxes and will be responsible for maintaining and emptying them. The municipality is only responsible for checking on them to ensure they don’t become over-filled. The boxes should be ready within a month.

Snell said the health unit wants a safe place for people to drop off used needles.

“It is basically just for sharps or needles, and it’s just for the safe disposal of those products, and it gives 24/7 access to somebody who would like to dispose of their sharps in a safe manner,” said Snell.