New Goderich Mayor wants more energy in The Square

Swearing in of Goderich council Dec. 3rd, 2018 (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The new mayor of Goderich says one of his priorities is going to be the environment.

John Grace said for him, today’s heightened awareness of environmental issues comes from young people, who he believes are more connected to the environment than they’ve ever been.

Grace added attracting young people to Goderich is also very important and one way to do that is to create more excitement in the downtown area.

“We have the most unique downtown in Ontario as far as I’m concerned. Let’s use it. When you think Goderich, you think the Square. When you think the Square you think entertainment, exciting, vibrancy, full of energy and that’s what we need in downtown Goderich.”

Grace was sworn in as the new mayor of Goderich, along with the rest of the new council at Monday’s inaugural council meeting.

John Grace, Mayor of Goderich. Dec. 3rd, 2018 (photo by Bob Montgomery)