New Brockton council term begins

Chris Oberle, second from the left, has resigned from council after being re-elected in 2018 to take a prosecutor job in another area. (Photo by Ryan Drury)

A new municipal council term began Monday night in Brockton.

Mayor Chris Peabody and the rest of the elected council members were sworn in, prior to a brief celebration.

Mayor Peabody addressed council and the members of the public that were present and said the municipality needs to take advantage of the economic boom in Bruce County.

“We need to get natural gas out to our rural areas to help places like Chepstow, and Cargill and Pinkerton,” he said. “We need to ensure our hospital continues to get funding from the province so that it remains a strong hospital so that Brockton is an attractive place for people to move to.”

The new mayor also said Brockton needs to get more housing and building happening, attract more workers, and ensure that it becomes easier to get residential building moving along.

Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody is sworn in at the Bruce County Council Chambers. December 3rd, 2018 (Photo by Ryan Drury)