Warm Winter Wishes program back underway at Wellington Heights Secondary School

Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest. (BlackburnNews.com stock photo by Ryan Drury)

The annual Warm Winter Wishes program has kicked off at Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest.

Student Ethan Andrews, the event manager for this year, said the Grade 12 class is a long-running tradition now.

“It’s actually the 17th year we’ve run the program, and it puts business knowledge into practice and allows students to gain valuable hands-on experience while giving back to the community. Over the past 16 years, Warm Winter Wishes has raised over $330,000,” he said.

Ethan noted that all the funds raised go back into helping the less fortunate in the community at Christmas time. He said there will be a ton of events to help raise money this year.

“We will be running over 20 different fundraising events both within the school and outside. We also have many different events like two community dinners, one in Mount Forest and Arthur, and tickets are available at the IDA in both those towns,” he said.

There will also be a silent auction, a raffle for Leafs tickets, and online auction, and many student events at the school itself like a staff chilli cook-off. So far, the event has raised over $330,000 over 17 years. For more info email WHSSWarmWinterWishes@gmail.com or call the school at 519-323-3430.