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Public Health Manager urges everyone to get a flu shot

The flu vaccine program is underway across Midwestern Ontario.

All health care providers, hospitals, long term care homes, and a number of local pharmacies are taking part in the program.

Huron County’s Public Health Manager Christine Taylor says they are introducing a high dose vaccine for seniors this year and she’s encouraging anyone over the age of 65 to get it.

“We have three different products and this year we’re bringing in the high dose influenza vaccine for seniors, anybody over 65, so that’s accessible through your health care provider. We really would like seniors to access the high dose and if they have any questions they can call the health unit.”

Taylor says the effectiveness of the vaccine varies from year to year, depending on the strain that arrives in Canada, but the flu shot is still the best defence available.

She also points out that for those that don’t get their vaccine and do get the flu, they can expect to be very sick for one or two weeks.

Christine Taylor, Huron County Public Health Manager (photo by Bob Montgomery)