MTO being asked to widen walking paths approaching Bayfield River bridge

Bayfield Bridge on Highway 21 (photo by Bob Montgomery)

The Past-President of the Bayfield Area Chamber of Commerce has asked Bluewater council to investigate widening the walking path north and south of the Bayfield River Bridge.

Roger Lewington suggested that while the walking path on the bridge is going to be widened when its replaced, that might also be the best time to widen the walking paths running north of the bridge to the marina and south to Clan Gregor Square in the village.

“We’ve got the Bayfield Marina, a couple of businesses on the north side, as well a number of subdivisions there and people like to walk and certainly in the summer time from the Marina, they like to walk and we want to get them safely into the village and back across the bridge.”

Lewington says with the amount of truck traffic along the highway, the four-foot path is too narrow.

He wanted council to send a letter to the MTO asking that they look at possible options while the construction is in the planning stages.

Council agreed to contact the MTO and explore possible options.