Grant program gives Minto renovation projects a boost

Main street Palmserston (Photo provided by the Town of Minto)

A new structural grant program has made a dramatic difference in the downtown areas of Harriston, Palmerston and Clifford.

Minto’s Business and Economic Manager Belinda Wick-Graham says many of the downtown areas had deteriorating to the point they were turning people away.    The structural grant, introduced in 2015, turned that around.

“In Harriston, the old Post Office building was deteriorating for many years and because of that grant being available, a local couple purchased the building and have done well over probably 500-thousand dollars in renovations.”

Wick-Graham says three buildings in Palmerston are undergoing substantial renovations.

“One building is adding seven new apartments on the second and third floor, there’s a sports bar and pandori grill opening, a virtual reality gaming space and a cafe.     Down the street from that, four apartments are going to be opening on the second floor and three commercial spaces.”

She says the new buildings will also help address the need for affordable rental housing, and none of that investment would have been likely without the structural grant.

A photo of the office space inside Bretty Young Seeds’ building in Clifford prior to renovations.(Photo provided by the Town of Minto)

The office space inside Brett Young Seeds after renovations. (Photo provided by the Town of Minto)