School boards dealing with cannabis legalization

(© Can Stock Photo / lifeartpixels)

The legalization of cannabis has meant a big change for society in general, but it’s business as usual for students.

Jodie Baker, superintendent of education with the Avon Maitland District School Board, said she wants to make it very clear the legalization of cannabis generally does not alter existing rules and practices in schools.

“It’s legal, but there are very clear restrictions for youth under 19. They’re not allowed by buy or consume, that’s any amount, share with anyone or grow or harvest plants. The legislation has also been very clear about schools and school-related activities, playgrounds, that kind of thing.”

Baker added, “For schools and school-related activities and playgrounds, the legislation was, thankfully, very clear, it’s not allowed and for youth under 19, most of the students in our schools are under the age of 19, it’s not allowed at all.”

Baker said that message may have to be repeated a few times but she hopes that’s the message that gets through to students.