(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo / Laboko)

Lake Huron centre pleased with federal response to plastics pollution

A coastal technologist with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation believes the federal government is doing the right thing in making an effort to eliminate single-use plastics from its operations.

Tineasha Brenot said the government has set an ambitious target.

“They’re trying to divert at least 75 per cent of their waste by 2030 from all federal operations, so that would be any of their meetings, any of their conferences, they’re working to try and reduce any of that unnecessary single-use plastic in their government organizations,” said Brenot.

The federal government has also set targets for waste on government construction projects.

Brenot said the government is also trying to procure more sustainable plastic solutions, so where single-use plastics can’t be avoided, looking for a more recyclable product or something that is compostable.