(File photo by Miranda Chant, BlackburnNews.com)

Rea and Walter Act passes second reading at Queen’s Park

A private member’s bill aimed at helping firefighters and introduced by the MPP for Perth-Wellington has passed second reading.

Randy Pettapiece is a strong proponent of the Rea and Walter Act. He said when a building is on fire, crews need to know the building’s details to ensure safety and provide information so the fire can be battled effectively.

The bill pushes to have symbols in place on commercial and industrial buildings that indicate if they have truss and lightweight construction.

Buildings containing TLC will be required to post one of three emblems — “F” decals if only the floor of the building uses TLC, “R” decals if only the roof of the building uses TLC, and “FR” decals if both the floor and the roof of the building use TLC. Some multi-family dwellings could be included as well.

The Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Ontario Building Association, and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers have voiced support the Rea and Walter Act.