Bruce-Grey Owen Sound MPP Bill Walker (photo submitted)

MPP Walker Says Notwithstanding Clause is Necessary

Bruce-Grey Owen Sound PC MPP Bill Walker supports his government’s use of the notwithstanding clause.

The bill to reduce the number of seats on Toronto city council was introduced Wednesday in the legislature.

Walker said using the notwithstanding clause is necessary considering the municipal election is just a few weeks away.

“We have utilized a resource that is there in times like this to be able to say we need to move forward on behalf of the people with the whole intent that the end result will be the best way of serving the people,” said Walker.

He says the decision of one appointed judge in a court undermines the ability of elected representatives to govern.

“Yes, there are people that are opposed to it. Certainly, the left are rallying and getting people all worked up about it,” said Walker. “We’re saying but let’s look at the democracy here, let’s look at who is supposed to, from day one democracy says that the people elect representatives to set the laws and the courts should uphold those laws.”

Walker says it will likely be next week before the final vote is taken on on the bill.