Ken Logtenberg, Dungannon Community Alliance Chair (Bob Montgomery photo)

First meeting of Dungannon Community Alliance attracts 40

The Dungannon Community Alliance held its first meeting Wednesday night at the Dungannon Agricultural Hall.

Chair Ken Logtenberg said the new organization consists of roughly 70 core members from the Agricultural Society, the Dungannon United Church, the Dungannon Lions Club, the Dungannon Senior’s Club and the Dungannon Youth Club.

Logtenberg said about 40 people attended last night’s meeting and the discussion around the tables indicated there are several issues they felt needed some attention, but a couple of the major ones are the health of the residents of Dungannon and the need to get people more involved in the community.

“Getting people involved in the community, because we have these service groups and there’s lots of things going on; and on the other hand we have people who feel like they’re kind of trapped and at home and there’s not much to do in these small communities and it’s kind of unfortunate because there are things going on,” explained Logtenberg.

He said he is optimistic some of the discussions last night could be the start of addressing some of the issues in and around Dungannon.