Brockton considers changes to Special Events Bylaw

The Municipality of Brockton plans to take a close look at some bylaws to avoid prom parties getting out of control.

On May 27, a very large prom party took place in former Brant Township which drew approximately 1,500 young people.

Council discussed possible alterations to its Special Events Bylaw, which would allow for better control of such large gatherings.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gierzack saidĀ council has an obligation to taxpayers to ensure young people are kept as safe as possible, hoping to avoid a repeat of the out-of-control gathering in May.

“The things out there being investigated now are very serious incidents, so I think we need to not only work with the Police Services Board, but also work with our high schools and school boards to ensure these types of things don’t happen in the future,” saidĀ Gierzack.

South Bruce OPP continue to investigate allegations of sexual assault, and confirm they have charged two 18-year-olds and a 20-year-old under the Liquor License of Ontario.