Parks Canada Announce Purchase Of Driftwood Cove Property

Bruce Peninsula National Park. File Photo.

With the announcement Wednesday that Parks Canada has purchased the Driftwood Cove property, the Bruce Trail Conservancy is celebrating what it calls a conservation and recreation win.

Bruce Trail CEO Beth Gilhespy says they made a donation toward the purchase, and that having permanent access to the 3,200-acre area is great for the Bruce Trail.

“There are 8 km of Bruce Trail that pass through Driftwood Cove,” she says. “We’ve been really fortunate the past several decades with the past owners to allow the trail through. With the property up for sale, we’re really pleased Parks Canada has acquired it.”

Gilhespy, says without all the great access the trail has had through Driftwood, the trail would look much different.

“Without permission to pass through there, the Bruce Trail would be rerouted down to Hwy. 6 and be forced to follow busy highway, which would really be a very unfortunate situation. So we’re really pleased that Parks Canada has taken up ownership and our trail will be permanently protected across the land,” she says.

Gilhespy notes the purchase by Parks Canada should close in November.

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound MP Larry Miller says the agreement is very significant locally.

“Anytime you can add a chunk of property to an existing park, it’s obviously a good thing and I think as far as the Bruce Trail people, to have permanent access through there forever is great as well,” says Miller.

Miller says while the announcement is great for the area, it would have been nice to make the announcement at the property.

“To me, it just shows a bit of disrespect and a typical attitude by the government toward rural Canada. I mean, let’s do an announcement for Tobermory from Toronto. That irks me a bit.,” he says.

Miller notes that it’s a great day for conservation in the area, but announcements like this in the future should happen on-site.