The band 'Empty Threats' perform for striking workers in Goderich Wednesday, July 11th. (Photo by Bob Montgomery)

Fellow Miner Stages Concert For Strikers In Goderich

Striking Unifor members at the salt mine in Goderich were entertained by one of their own Wednesday night.

Brenden Purser has worked in the mine for nine years but has also played in a band for 15 years.

Wednesday night he and the other three members of the band set up on a trailer near the picket line and performed for about 100 workers and their families.

Purser says the striking miners have been going through a difficult time and they just wanted to keep the spirit positive. Unionized workers at the mine have been on strike since April 27.

Bargaining teams for Unifor and Compass Minerals are expected to be back at the negotiating table on Thursday.