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Lack Of Rental Units Continues To Be A Problem In Huron County

Huron County’s Economic Development Department has identified the lack of housing as one of the biggest barriers to attracting and retaining workers in the county.

Director Cody Joudry explains they found the shortage of housing within a specific market segment was a barrier in attracting the workers that local businesses are looking for. That generally means rental properties for people newly employed in entry-level jobs.

Joudry points to a project they started last year that illustrates the problem. When they tried to contact landlords to compile a list of rental properties that were available, they found the availability of rental opportunities was so low that they couldn’t get much of a list.

He adds because the supply of rental properties is so limited, people generally manage to get a rental unit because they know someone who is offering one, and that creates a greater problem for newcomers, either to Canada or to the area. If they don’t know anyone, any rental opportunity will likely be gone by the time they find out about it.

“We’ve identified shortage of housing within a certain market segment as a barrier to attracting the workforce that our businesses are most hungry for and in greatest need for,” says Joudry.