Umpires mask hanging on a backstop post. © Can Stock Photo / Joe_Photo

Big Turn Out at Ben Lobb Clinton Minor Baseball Camp

One-hundred-forty young ball players attended the 6th annual Ben Lobb Clinton Minor Baseball Camp this week.

Former major league outfielder Willie Wilson was one of the guest coaches.   Wilson played 19 seasons in the majors, most of them with the Kansas City Royals.

Wilson says he watches the kids and then shows them how they can make little adjustments.

“It makes the game a little bit easier when they can get one or two things that will help them in the long run and a lot of it is hands placement on the bat, the angle of the bat and as far as throwing, how to throw and grip the ball and make it go straight.”

Wilson says it’s great to see how receptive the kids are to the coaching and how well they’re learning.

The Minor Baseball Camp moves to Kincardine today and Thursday.