New Fire Truck Purchased For Brussels

A new and vital addition was made to the Brussels Fire Department recently.

Huron East Chief Marty Bedard says a new pumper was brought in to replace the old 1981 unit.

“That truck back in 1981 was a fundraising project by the firefighters of the time,” says Bedard. “They did do a door-to-door campaign and raised a lot of their own funds to buy that truck. But that truck will be taken out of service now.”

Chief Bedard says the old truck will still be around for use in parades. The new pumper was purchased by Huron East and Morris-Turnberry. He says on top of the truck, there are a few other pieces of equipment that the station needs.

“The replacement of their self-contained breathing apparatus equipment,” says Bedard. “They did recently purchase some radios with the help from donations of local service clubs. Both the Lions and Optimists in Brussels have been very generous in their support for the fire department.”