Brockton Launches New Brand and Website

The Municipality of Brockton has unveiled it’s new logo and redesigned website.

Brockton staff worked with eSolutions Group Inc. to ensure a new Brockton brand would be a product of community feedback. Six focus groups were conducted in Walkerton, Cargill and Elmwood, and two rounds of online and print surveys were distributed. Over the course of the consultations, close to 700 responses were received from the community.

Between June 4 and June 13, community members had the opportunity to vote on two logo concepts. Concept one received the most votes.

The new three-colour Brockton logo represents the defining features of Brockton’s economy, culture, geography and heritage.

The urban, farming and residential areas of the community are all represented through silhouetted icons positioned above the Brockton name. The buildings include the historic Victoria Jubilee Hall, a modern commercial farm building and a residential home.

The green swoosh symbolizes the fertile agricultural land and unique natural environment within Brockton’s borders. The blue swoosh represents the two watercourses that run through Brockton: the Saugeen and Teeswater rivers.

The tagline “Come Home to Community” reflects the spirit of community that residents feel in Brockton, both in their day-to-day lives and during times of need.

The new municipal logo will be placed on signs, vehicles, and other promotional materials and publications as soon as possible and as budget allows.

The updated municipal website is at

Mayor David Inglis stated, “We are excited to launch this new brand for Brockton, and feel that it reflects our welcoming community spirit.   The new website has many great features for users, and has been updated to reflect accessibility standards which is very important.”