Former St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Kingsbridge. ( file photo)

Kingsbridge Community Being Nominated For Governor General’s Award

Huron County’s cultural services¬†director is in the process of putting together a nomination for an award for the Kingsbridge community.

It’s the Governor-General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming.

Rick Sickenger says the award is for projects that celebrate a community’s history and in the case of the Kingsbridge community, it would be in recognition of the work they’ve done over the last two years in re-purposing St. Joseph’s church into a community and cultural centre.

“It’s where people met each other on Sunday mornings and it was kind of how you connected and found out what your neighbours were doing”, explains Sickenger. “It’s great that even though the church was closing they’ve re-purposed it and it’s serving the same purpose – it’s bringing the community together to connect on a regular basis.”

Sickenger says the initial nomination has to be submitted by July 15th but then there’s a considerable amount of work to be done after that.