(Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo / devon.)

Huron-Bruce Candidates Outline Debt Recovery Plans

The Liberal, Progressive Conservative and NDP candidates for Huron-Bruce all announced part of the plan to deal with the provincial debt at last night’s all candidates meeting in Goderich.

“By working with people like the financial accountability officer as well as the auditor general, we are going to first and foremost bring accountability back to government and in terms of efficiencies,” says PC incumbent Lisa Thompson. “If we follow the experts, we can realize four cents on every dollar in terms of savings.”

Liberal Don Matheson stated, “We have to make sure the people of Ontario are taken care of. Once they’re taken care of our plan is three to three and a half years, we’ll look after all of our social programs, meet the needs of our people and after three, three and a half years we start taking that money that we no longer need because the programs and facilities are in place, we start applying that to the debt.”

NDP candidate Jan Johnston, “it actually shows over four years how do we get to balance. We are going to tax a little bit to the very richest individuals in our Province and the wealthiest corporations so that we can be fair to all.”

Other candidates at the Goderich meeting were Gerri Huenemoerder of the Ontario Alliance and Nicholas Wendler of the Green Party who both said controlling the debt was an issue.

Wendler added the Green Party does have a fully costed plan but they won’t be able to balance the budget within four years.

Libertarian Ron Stephens also said government spending is out of control.