(Photo by Bob Montgomery)

UPDATE: Strike At Compass Minerals In Goderich Reaches Third Week

The National Union Representative for Unifor says no talks are scheduled with Compass Minerals regarding the strike at the salt mine in Goderich.

The strike is now in its third week.

Glenn Sonier says a busload of supporters joined them on the picket line Wednesday afternoon for a rally, but at this point, they’re essentially working on community support, which he says has been very good.

Sonier says one concern they do have is that apparently replacement workers are being brought in to keep the mine running.

“The concern from the members and from the community, actually, is that replacement workers come in and they make their money and they go back to their community, wherever they come from, to spend their money and the money’s not being earned by the workers here and spent in the communities,” he says.

Sonier says that’s a double hit to the community because the regular workers are not working, and the people who are, are taking the money out of the community.

A Toronto company that’s been retained by Compass Minerals says the company is continuing to produce salt to meet their customers’ needs.

Karen Gordon, of Gordon Strategy, says since the unionized workers at Sifto went on strike on April 27 they’ve used contractors to supplement the work being done by staff.

Gordon also stated that at the start of the strike, union picketers implemented wait times to enter and exit the property that were excessive. Compass Minerals responded by obtaining a court order that provides direction regarding picketing and picket line conduct.

No new talks have been scheduled between the union and the company.