Membership Increases For Huron Manufacturing Association

The Huron Manufacturing Association is hosting its annual general meeting Thursday night.

Board Chair Larry Livingston says the association is rebounding from a serious drop in membership that started with the recession in 2008 and continued into 2009.

“It was major in this county,” he says. “Our membership loss was somewhere around 30 plus percent on our group at that time, so we went down a hundred or less full-time members.”

They are back to about 150 at this point.

Livingston says they’re facing the same challenges as manufacturers throughout Ontario with input costs, particularly hydro, being the major one.

Uncertainty south of the border over things like NAFTA renegotiations and tariffs adds to the problems local and Ontario manufacturers are facing.

The Huron Manufacturing Association hosts its annual general meeting Thursday night at the Maelstrom Winery on Sanctuary Line, east of Clinton.