Andrew Somers with one of his pet pigs at North Perth Westfield Elementary School (Courtesy of Andrew Somers)

Morris-Turnberry Man Fighting To Save Pet Pigs

A Walton resident will take a petition with almost 1,500 signatures to Morris-Turnberry council in an attempt to save his pet pigs.

A recent wind storm knocked over Andrew Somers’ fence, allowing one of his pigs to escape. Somers retrieved the pig but says Huron County Animal Control Officer Robert Trick came to his property and told him he must remove his pigs within the next 30 days.

Shortly before moving to the area, Somers says he checked with Huron County regarding bylaws pertaining to pet pig ownership, saying he was told it was allowed but was unaware Morris-Turnberry had a bylaw prohibiting pigs in urban areas.

Somers says he thinks the definition of an urban area extending to the small village of Walton is “ridiculous”.

The fight to save his pets pigs now heads to Morris-Turnberry Council on June 5 where Somers will appeal for a bylaw exemption, allowing his pigs to continue living with him.

Somer’s petition can be found by clicking here.