Medical marijuana plants. ( file photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Brockton Ready To Welcome Medical Marijuana Facilities

The doors have been opened for a potential medical marijuana growing facility in Brockton.

Council approved a motion Monday night to allow for the possible inclusion of a medical marijuana growing operation at the East Ridge Business Park.

Mayor David Inglis says the potential for having such a facility in the municipality is a good thing.

“That could be part of our economic development could bring jobs. So all we’re doing is making that a possibility and opening up the door to make that happen, and if a company comes along we’re ready,” he says.

Council included a provision in the motion that should recreational marijuana become legal, the potential facility could grow and distribute both medical and recreational marijuana at the East Ridge site.

According to the mayor, “It was a good thing that that was brought forward by council, so that that would be put in the bylaw and the zoning change plan, so that we’re ready both for the medical marijuana and also the recreational marijuana business, if they come.”