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Huron County Updates Social Housing Pot Smoking Policy

Huron County has updated its smoke-free policy for social housing units.

County Housing Services Manager Barbara Hall explains the current policy came into effect on July 1st of 2016 and prohibited smoking for any tenants who moved in after that date.

Anyone living in Huron County social housing units before that date was grandfathered in and was exempt from the new policy.

Hall says the policy has now been updated to reflect the legalization of marijuana, so the policy now states that anyone who moved in after July 1 of 2016 is also prohibited from recreational smoking of marijuana.

She adds once recreational use of marijuana becomes legal, tenants living in social housing units before July 1st of 2016 would be grandfathered in and would be exempt.

Hall adds the policy only covers smoking marijuana once it becomes legal and they’re looking into possible regulations around growing marijuana in social housing units once it becomes legal.